I'm Michael, I speak English quite well and I can help you with your insurance stuff.

I'm not a suit-up guy, but I know the job.
I'm not a suit-up guy, but I know the job.

I'd never say I'm good enough to be able to communicate in English on the proper level. But it somehow happened, I've been recommended to few expats and foreigners to help them with their insurance. To my own surprise, everything went great, nobody has complained and everyone looked satisfied.

I've been told, that it isn't easy to find someone who is able to handle talk over the insurance and other finance stuff in English. 

Although I'm not even close to the native speaker level, neither I'm not even very confident one, but be sure that If you need to discuss your insurance, I could be your man.

I can help you to get through the insurance and other finance stuff including  

  • medical insurance for foreigners
  • live and accident insurance
  • household insurance
  • real estate insurance
  • general responsibility insurance
  • business insurance

I'm not a suit up guy, but I know the job. You'll talk, I'll ask, I'll make some calculations, then we'll discuss the options we have and I'll give you all informations you'll need to decide. Finally, I will do all the paperwork for you, so you won't have to go to the branch office or communicate with anyone else. 

After the job is done, you'll still have my number to call me whenever you have a trouble or additional questions.

Feel free to contact me anytime. I'll do my best for you. Just like for everyone else so far.

Michal Malík
721 023 382

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